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#silentsunday #clmooc




we are the network
not the harvest, parsed and diced
feeds us


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are voices lost
when silos falter and fail?
No. we regather.


List of Recent Makes for #CLMOOC that I use to #TeachTheWeb

1 min read

I am trying to keep a running tally of my makes:

Most of these you can remix yourself. I hope to add tutorials soon.


#CLMOOC and Making and Hacking with Android

2 min read

I love all the tools I can choose from when I sink into my deskchair and open up my laptop. The possibilities swirl in my mind as I edit videos and images. Yet for most of the world they will turn to the mobile web and mobile apps to spawn their creativity.

That got me thinking about the apps I use as a webmaker on Android. I wanted to share because more and more of learners I work with across the globe use Android as their only computing operating system. Actually in parts of the world over 91% of users have a phone powered by Android.

Then when I played in and I noticed a large proportion of Android users. We all wanted to create an effort to document how we hack and make using our Android devices.

Drawing Cartoons

This is a great animation app for Android. I made a basic video for .

I will work on tutorials for all of these later but you get a full range of movements and can quickly make a cartoon. My six year old son put one together in no time. You basically add frame by frame and can move your characters. You can also select multiple backgrounds.

Flip A Clip

This is a great app for making quick gifs. I used it to create a gif. You basically draw with your finger and then can add frames and trace over what you drew. You then share your files as a gif.


Font Studio

This is a great app for layering images with texts. You get many options. You can use a mask or put words on an image. It is easy to use and very powerful.



Dogtrax is our resident Super artist. Super allows you to quickly do a "madlib" like prompt and add text your images. You can then share it out onto Twitter.

Other Apps

These are other apps I will add to the collection later. I use them all as an Android Maker. The include: Video to Gif, Superphoto, Webmaker, Smart Voice Recorder, and We Video


What is #ConnectedLearning and the #CLMOOC

1 min read

In this video I remixed this page about the values and interests of Connected Learning.


A brief Thimble Introduction for


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